write an essay of at least 150 words based on the following two pie charts. in your essay, you should cover the three points:

1.?describe the two pie charts briefly,

2.?explain ?the ??intended meaning

3.?explore the possible solutions.

you should write neatly on the answer sheet.


?????from the above two pie charts, we can see clearly that people hold different attitudes towards assisting the aged who fall down. people willing to offer help are in the majority, taking up 64.8%. most of those reluctant to give help are afraid of causing trouble, amounting to 87.4%.

?????refusing to help the aged when they fall down for fear of getting into trouble is exactly a mirror of the crisis of trust that prevails in the society. actually, mutual trust is of vital importance to the whole society. it is a precondition for social interaction and the maintenance of social order. the more trust there is, the higher efficiency and stronger cohesion there will be. on the contrary, the lack of trust means increased cost of communication and trading, and reduced chances of cooperation. if there is no trust among its participants, how can teamwork or a transaction be conducted?

in order to ensure sound development of the society, the government should strive to create a harmonious social atmosphere so that people can assist others when necessary. for the public, both moral education and integrity education are to be strengthened.






write an essay of at least 150 words about the psychological problems with college students based on the following chart. in your writing, you should

1. describe the chart briefly,

2. analyze the reasons behind, and then

3. give your suggestions on the issue.

you should write neatly on the answer sheet.


the histogram shows the overall upward trend of the ratio of college students having psychological problems from?2001?to 2016. in 2016, nearly 35% of college students were?haunted?by psychological problems while the proportion in?2001?was just 20%.

among the various and complex contributing causes for the increasingly severe individual and social problem, the following main factors need to be taken into consideration. overwhelming stress from various aspects is?a major reason why so many students are suffering mental problems. being away from home for the first time, they are expected to learn to live in amity with roommates, to deal with new social pressure on their own, and to meet academic demands. another reason is that the intense competition surrounding college students makes?them?perplexed and overwrought. many of them often experience a general state of worry or fear when confronting something challenging, such as a test, a recital, or an interview.

given the urgency and severity of the problem, all sides concerned,?such as education institutions, families and college students themselves, should be called on to join in the battle against students’ mental problems. as for education institutions, it’s high time that they provided students with reasonable advice to help them solve the problems. for families, it is of vital importance to have a stable and secure family background with a consistent pattern of emotional warmth, acceptance, help and constructive discipline. for college students, they are supposed to remember that self-education is always the main and most effective solution.






study the following chart carefully and write an essay?of?at least 150 words. your essay must be written neatly on the answer sheet. it should cover these three points:

1.?describe and interpret the chart;

2.?analyze the reasons of the situation;

3. give your comments.



????the above chart shows us that auto sales tended to be on the increase from 2004 to 2016. in 2004, the sales volume of cars was less than one million, and in 2016, it soared to about 30 million.

several factors account for the rapid increase of auto sales, but the following three are more illuminating. one crucial factor is that cars have become one of the daily necessities for people. with the expansion of cities, many people live far away from their workplaces; hence it is inconvenient for them to take the bus to work, which makes cars an indispensable part in their lives. another important factor is that, with the improvement of economic level, an increasing number of chinese families can afford a car. still one more reason is the prevalence of people’s vanity. many people take great pride in possessing an upscale car.

the increase of car sales will stimulate china’s economic development. however, many problems may occur, such as energy, environment and transportation problems. therefore, we should take effective measures to make cars our beneficial tools instead of our worries. besides, we should not follow suit mindlessly; instead, we should think calmly whenever and whatever we do.






study the following chart carefully and write an essay of at least 150 words. your essay must be written neatly on the answer sheet. your essay should cover these three points:

1. describe the?form?and interpret the?form;

2. analyze the situation;

3. give your comments.


the above chart reveals that a large amount of modern people have little communication with their?neighbors. as is shown from the data in the chart, people who only say hello to their neighbors take up 40.86%, and surprisingly,?as many as?6.99%?of the people investigated?seldom or never talk to their neighbors.

from my perspective, the main reasons why so many people have few exchanges with their neighbors are as follows.?in the first place, moving frequently due to job changes makes it difficult to maintain a long and intimate relationship among neighbors.?secondly, nowadays people are so busy and stressed that they have little time to start a conversation. and even after work or on holiday, they just want to take a break, being reluctant to find someone to chat. last but not least, modern means of communication reduce our time for face-to-face conversation, resulting in?weak ties?between?neighbors,especially in big cities.?at the same time,?being estranged from neighbors will adversely affect the spiritual life of people, especially for the elderly and children, and it is even inimical to social harmony.

as the saying goes, “a distant relative is not as good as a near?neighbor.” hence, some effective measures should be adopted to improve the relationship among neighbors. on the one hand, it’s critical that mutual concerns among neighbors should be enhanced. on the other hand, it is imperative to keep frequent communication and contacts among neighbors. only in this way can a harmonious neighborhood relationship be forged.

上图标明晰很对现代人很少与邻居交流。如图所示, 碰头仅限于打招待的人占到40.86%;令人惊奇的是,有6.99%的被访者竟然很少甚至从不好邻居交流。





study the following form carefully and write an essay in which you should cover the three points:

1. describe the ?chart

2. analyze the possible reasons for the phenomenon

3. give your suggestions or comments.

you should write at least 150 words neatly on the answer sheet.


the chart above directly presents that?from?2013?to 2016,?an obvious change occurs in?the number of recruitment?for civil service exam—rising from?13,566 to 18,000.?meanwhile,?declining?though?it is,?compared with the year 2014,?the number of?registers?shows?a steady increase on the whole, ascending from 1.04 million in 2013?to 1.58?million in 2016.

there is no doubt that the?bar graph?aims to show us the craze for civil service exam which can be attributed to two aspects. internally, thousands of people with ambitions take civil service as a platform on which they can bring their talents into full play, because it is the career that their?interests?and dreams lie in. externally, but more importantly, being a civil servant is rich in implications, such as a stable life, desirable welfare and pensions, high social status, great power, incomparable prestige, etc. faced with so many attractions and glories, those who are in need of jobs or want to try their luck jump on the bandwagon of taking the civil service exam without hesitation, hoping that they would be lucky dogs.

actually, choosing a career is no more than selecting a way of life.?it seems that?civil service is an appealing choice, but is it the one that suits all of the candidates?






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