??new running shoes are?smashing?records


is that fair?


platform shoes are back in fashion, at least in athletics. many of the long-distance runners at the tokyo olympics, which begin on july 23rd, will arrive at the starting line sporting footwear with a distinctive chunky-looking heel.?


it will be more than just a fashion statement. the new shoes offer such a big performance advantage that critics have described them as “technological doping”.


running-shoe makers have long tried to boost athletic performance, observes geoff burns, a biomechanics expert at the university of michigan. in olden days, a 1% improvement in “running economy”—the energy taken to travel a given distance—would have impressed. but in 2016 nike released the first version of its “vaporfly” model, which improved running economy by 4%.


if that percentage were to translate directly into performance, it would knock about five minutes off an elite male’s marathon time. in p
ractice, as dr burns observes, it wouldn’t quite do that. a marathon improvement of around 90 seconds would be a more realistic expectation.?


but vaporfly and its successors have helped athletes smash a string of records. on june 6th sifan hassan, a dutch runner, completed a women’s 10,000 metres race in 29 minutes and 6.82 seconds, beating a record set in 2016. two days later she was overtaken by letesenbet gidey, an ethiopian, who clocked 29 minutes and 1.03 seconds.?

但 vaporfly 及这今后续版别现已宝珠运建议打破了一系列纪录。6月6日,荷兰选手斯凡·哈桑在女子10000米的竞赛中跑出了29分6.82秒的成果,打破了2016年创下的世界纪录。两天后,埃塞俄比亚选手勒森贝特·吉迪以29分1.03秒的成果再次打破纪录。

in 2021 eliod kipchoge, a kenyan, became the first to run, albeit in an unofficial event, a marathon’s distance of 42.195km in under two hours. the same weekend brigid kosgei, another kenyan, broke a women’s marathon record that had stood for 16 years.


scientists are still puzzling over exactly how the shoes work. the soles are made of a new type of foam that offers an unprecedented mix of resilience and?squidginess, according to dr burns. this returns around 80% of the energy from each strike of a runner’s foot.?


the carbon-fibre plate may help by stiffening the midsole, and possibly by altering a runner’s gait. by cushioning a runner’s bones, muscles and?ligaments?from repetitive impacts, the shoes may even help athletes train harder than they otherwise could.

碳纤维板有助于加强鞋底的硬度,甚至还能改动跑步者的步态。这种跑鞋还可以供给缓冲以避免跑步者的骨骼、肌肉和韧带重复遭到冲击,甚至可以协助运建议结束强度比曩昔更大的练习。all that is great news for nike, which sells the vaporfly and its successors for around $250 each. (rival manufacturers now offer similar shoes of their own.) whether it is good for the sport is another question. different sports have different tolerances for technological assistance. running tends towards the conservative end of the spectrum.一切这些对耐克来说都是好消息,该公司以每双250美元的价格出售vaporfly跑鞋及这今后续款式。(竞赛对手如今也推出了类似的鞋子。)这对跑步这项运动是不是有利就是另一个疑问了。不一样的运动对技能辅佐有着不一样的忍耐度。跑步则更倾向于保存。

in january 2021 world athletics, the governing body of international athletics, passed new rules limiting the thickness of a road shoe’s sole to 40mm. meanwhile, nike appears to have shelved plans to deploy high tech shoes designed for sprinters at the tokyo games, possibly because they did not?comply with?regulations either. but if they, or a rival manufacturer, have worked out a way around that problem, there could be fireworks in the sprints, too.



smashing?[?sm????] adj. 了不起的;极好的;损坏性的

squidgy?[?skw?d?i] adj. 松软湿润的

ligament?[?l?ɡ?m?nt] n. 韧带;枢纽

comply with?照做;恪守


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