listening comprehension

section a

news report 1

a 22-year-old chinese woman who suffered from a persistent cough was shocked to learn that she had a piece of chicken bone lodged in her lung. the unnamed woman from the province of shandong started have coughing problems when she was 7 or 8 years old. for 14 years, she made numerous hospital visits. however, no doctor could identify any problem. her uncontrollable coughing was a mystery. finally, the woman got a full body scan at a hospital in the city of qingdao. this special medical procedure revealed she had a chicken bone stuck in her lung. (2) doctors performed surgery and removed the bone. the simple procedure went smoothly and the woman has recovered fully with the bone finally removed from her lung, the woman is very happy that she no longer suffers from that annoying cough.

question 1 to 2 are based on the passage you have just heard.

q1: what was the woman’s problem?

q2: how was the woman’s problem eventually solved?


new report 2

(3) a white shape named prickles that ran away from an australian farm during the 2013 bush fires recently returned home. according to farmer alice gray, prickles was only a lamb when she ran away. the bush fires that hit the area back then destroyed a large part of her family’s massive property. they thought prickles had died in the fire. but instead, the young sheep escaped into a 200-acre forest near the farm. (4) once the fires were over, the family had to fix the damage done to the farm as it was such a large property, which included rebuilding about 40 kilometers of fencing. it was this huge fencing that prevented pickles from finding her way back. over the years, the family spotted her a few times. they even recorded her with cameras installed to monitor the activity. but when they knew pringles was alive, they couldn’t find her and never expected her to return by herself. seven years later, they were proven wrong.

3. what does the news say about the white sheep prickles?

4.what the family do of the bush fires?


new report 3:

(5) tons of gold have fallen out of the sky in russia after a cargo plane malfunctioned in midair this morning. the aircraft was carrying 265 million pounds worth of gold and diamonds, when the door flew open, sending the precious metal back to earth. according to the official news agency, russian authorities have recovered more than 170 gold bars weighing 20 kilograms each. the plane was traveling from yakutsk airport in a major diamond producing region to the city krasnoyarsk in siberia. (6)however, the aircraft made an emergency landing in magan after began losing some of its valuable cargo. reports suggest some bars of gold were scattered up to fifteen miles away from the airport. nine tons of gold on plane an12 belonged to a gold mine company. police have sealed off the runway and say it is unclear if it was an accident or an attempted robbery. (7) technical engineers who worked on the plane prior to takeoff are reportedly going to be questioned by the police.

q5: what is the news report mainly about?

q6: what did the aircraft do when the incident happened?

q7:what does the news report say about the technical engineers who worked on the plane before takeoff?


conversation 1

q8: why does the man have this conversation with the man recorded?

his job is related to the customer service.

q9: what is the woman’s purpose of calling to the furniture company?

she wants to know when she can get her money back.

q10: what does the woman say about her bank card?

the new bank card will be sent to her on tuesday, and the bank may has canceled the old one before the man made the payment.

q11: what does the man advise the woman to do?

she needs to update the card details directly on the website.


conversation two

q12: why isn’t the man going to cook?

he’s worn out.

q13: what does the man say he’ll do on his phone?

he’ll use the food delivery app on his phone.

q14: what does the woman think of the indian food?

that’s not the kind of the hot she means. she needs something mild.

q15: what does the man think of the woman?

she’s really difficult to please.

section c

passage 1

passage one

(16) a new study carried out by the university of lincoln has found a link between the personalities of cat owners and the behavior and wellbeing of their cats. the findings suggest that just as apparent personality can affect the personality of a child, the same is true for a cat and its owner. owners defined as individuals with high levels of anxiety, fear, anger, depression and loneliness were more likely to have cats with behavioral issues. such cats display more aggressive and anxious behavioral styles as well as more stress related sickness. they will also more likely to have an ongoing medical condition and be overweight. the research also found that mentally well-adjusted owners had come from happier and healthier cats. researchers explained that many owners regard their pets as a family member and form close social bonds with them. (17) the majority of owners want to provide the best care for their pets and is therefore possible that pets could be affected by the way their owners interact with and manage them. the study highlights an important relationship between our personalities and the well-being of our pets. (18) further research is needed to investigate the cause of nature of this relationship and look at how owners’ personalities are directly influencing their pet’s behavior and well-being. it is possible that the well-being of pets is driven by the underlying nature of the owner not simply by their conscious decisions and behaviors.

q16:what do we learn from the new study by the university of lincoln?

q17:what does the passage say most pet owners want to do?

q18:what does the passage say it’s still needed to understand the effects of owners’ personalities on their pets?


passage two

(19) one 50-minute run can add seven hours to your life. this was a claim made by the times last week. the claim was based on a new review of studies about the effects of running. the review concluded that an average runners live three years longer than non-runners and that running does more to extend life than any other form of exercise. but there’s more to running than its health benefits. (20) research published in recent years have shown that running changes your brain and mind in some fascinating ways from increasing your brain function to regulating your emotions. however, the precise effects vary according to whether you engage in short fast running or long distance running. for example, in one study, researchers compared partici
pants’ ability to learn new words after several minutes of intense running, and after 40 minutes of gentle running, participants were able to learn 20 percent faster after the intense running and they showed a superior memory when tested again a week later. in another study, researchers asked volunteers to jog for 30 minutes and then showed them clips from a sad movie. participants who usually struggled to handle negative emotions were more intensely affected by the sad clips just as you’d expect. but crucially, this was less so if they had completed the 30 minutes jog. (21) the researchers said moderate exercise appears to have helped those participants to be less vulnerable to the impact of the sad movie.

q19:what did the new review of studies claim?

q20:what is one effect that running has on people according to recent research?

q21:what did another study find about the participant after they had a 30 minutes jog?


passage three

welcome to the tour of the hill house. this house built in 1904 is one of the most well-known works of charles hill, the famous architect. it was designed and built for local entrepreneur and his family. before starting the tour, let me give you a brief introduction about the design of this amazing building. (23) prior to beginning his design, the architect spends sometime in the client’s old home, observing their life and studying their habits. this meant that he could design the house according to the needs of the family. (24) the client’s main desire was to have a home with unique design, so the architect was given complete freedom. the building style is radically different from what was the fashion of the period. at the time, most large homes were constructed of timber and brick. this one, however, is made of concrete, a novel construction material in those days. the interior of the house, including the fittings and furniture, was also designed by the same person. most of the furniture you will see is original and in good condition. however, (25) both pieces in the children’s bedrooms are copies built to the designs of the architect. fortunately, all the blueprints for both the building and its contents have been preserved, so we’ve been able to replace badly damaged furniture. let’s begin our tour, starting from the rooms.

q22: what do we learn about the speaker?

q23: what dis the architect do before beginning his design?

q24: what did the architect’s client mainly want?

q25:what do we learn about the pieces of furniture in the children’s bedrooms?


 according to psychologist sharon draper,our clothing choices…





30.d )current


32. g)frame





  36.(d)in atomic habits,i wrote,“humans are herd animals we want to fit in, to bond with others, and to earn the respect and approval of our peers……


37(g)false beliefs can be useful in a social sense even if they are not useful in a fnctual sense.for lack of a better phrase, we might call this approach “factually false,but socially accu rate.”.…

38.(m)the most heated arguments often occur between people on opposite ends of the spectrum,

but the most frequent learning occurs from people who are nearby……

39.(f)we don’t always believe things because they are cor rect. sometimes we believe things because they make us look good to the people we care about…


40.(n)any idea that is suffciently different from your current worldview will feel threatening.and the best place to ponder a threatening idea is in a non-threatening environment…


41.(e)understanding the truth of a situation is important,but so is remaining part of a tribe.while these two desires often work well together, they occasionally come into conflict……


42.(1) the way to change people’s minds is to become friends with them, to integrate them into your tribe,to bring them into your circle.…


43.(c)what’s going on here? why don’t facts change our minds?and why would someone

continue to believe a false or inaccurate idea anyway?….


44.(o)there is another reason bad ideas continue to live on, which is that people continue to talk about them. silence is death for any idea


45.(h)convincing someone to change their mind is really the process of convincing them to change their tribe……


  the subject of automation and its role in our economy has taken hold in american public discourse.

46.d)their fading employment opportunities

47.b)the concerns about the effect of trade are exaggerated48.b)they feel increasingly vulnerable.

49.c)its alleged positive effects are doubtful.

50.c) people’s economic security. ??


look at the people around yousome are passive,others more aggressive

51.a)they tend to overly rely on nationality.

52.a)they are useful in comparing cultural values across time and space.

53.b)an individual’s financial status was often underestimated.54.c)they may not be taught how to properly interact with overseas partners.

55.d)nationality is less useful than socio-economic status as an indicator of one’s value.



井冈山地处湖南江西两省接壤处,因其光辉的改造前史被称为“我国改造赤色摇篮”。1927年10月,毛泽东、朱德等老一辈改造家带领我国工农赤军来到这儿,打开了艰苦异常的斗争,创建了第 一个村庄改造根据地,点着了我国改造的星星之火,拓荒了“村庄围住(besiege)城市,配备攫取政权”这一具有我国特征的改造路途,我国改造从这儿迈向成功。井冈山现有100多处改造旧址,变成一个“没有围墙的改造前史博物馆”,是爱国主义和改造传统教育的重要基地。


located at the boundary of hunan and jiangxi provinces, jinggang mountains is known as “the red cradle of the chinese revolution” owing to its glorious revolutionary history. in october, 1927, the revolutionaries of the older generation, including mao zedong and zhu de headed the chinese workers’ and peasants’ red army here, carried out an arduous struggle. they founded the first rural revolutionary base area, ignited the spark of the chinese revolution, and opened up a strategy of “besiege city, armed forces seize power” featuring with chinese characteristic, which led the chinese revolution to victory from here. jinggang mountains possesses more than 100 old revolutionary sites, making it a “wall-less museum of revolutionary history”, which is an essential base for education of patriotism and revolutionary tradition.



directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay related to the short passage given below. in your essay, you are to comment on the phenomenon described in the passage and suggest measures to address the issue. you should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words. young people spend a lot of time on the internet. however, they are sometimes unable to recognize false information on the internet, judge the reliability of online information sources, or tell real news stories from fake ones.


recently the phenomenon that young people make irresponsible comments on somebody or something on the internet before knowing the real truth has aroused wide concern. from my point of view, it’s immoral for some media to mislead young people by reporting hot news without any evidence in order to gain more exposure.

the following measures can be taken to avoid this phenomenon. to begin with, authorities should strengthen the supervision of the news media so as to reduce the spread of misinformation. at the same time, the news media which publish false news to draw people’s attention must be punished. besides, the news media should always adopt a responsible attitude towards news. most importantly, young people should be taught to develop the ability of identifying false information.

to sum up, the random dissemination of false information has a very bad effect on society. therefore, authorities, the news media and young people should strive to address the problem. only in this way will the society be more harmonious.



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