passage5注解:标题为红色,翻译为蓝色,分析为绿色。????????????when i decided to quit my full time employment it never occurred to
【occur to想到…,occur on…发生在…,出现在…】?me that i might become a part of a new international trend.a lateral move【lateral move侧面移动,这里指职位间的平级移动】 that hurt my pride and blocked my professional progress prompted me to abandon my relatively high profile【high-profile知名高的【比喻用法】,而profile轮廓,属性,配置文件{计算机词汇}】 career although, in the manner of a disgraced government minister,i covered my exit by claiming .
????????????curiously, some two-and-a-half years and two novels later, my experiment in what the americans term , preached by linda kelsey for the past seven years in the pages of she magazine, into a woman who is happy to settle for a bit of everything.
【settle?for 满足于,勉强接受,】
【settle?down?①.定居下来,安家;②.静下心来(如:settle?down to do something静下心来做某事);】
【settle up 付清,清账(在负债上付清所欠)】
【settle in ①.在..地住宿下来;②.适应…环境】
【settle?on ①.站在…的地上.②.解决…问题】
【settle with ①.和某人清算(债务,还清账款)<正向>.②.找某人算账(随时准备揍他)<负向>】
????????????i have discovered, as perhaps kelsey will after her much-publicized resignation from the editorship of she after a build-up of stress, that abandoning the doctrine教义,信条 of brings with it far greater rewards than financial success and social status. nothing could persuade me to return to the kind of life kelsey used to advocate and i once?enjoyed:12-hour working days, pressured deadlines, the fearful strain of office politics【这里的politics不是政治,是权力斗争】 and the limitations of being a parent on .
????????????in america, the move away from juggling to a simpler, less materialistic物质主义的?lifestyle is a well-established trend. downshifting-also known in america as has, ironically具有讽刺意味的是, even bred a new area of what might be termed 【term做动词时,意思:把……称为,把……叫做】anticonsumerism. there are a number of bestselling downshifting self-help books for people who want to simplify their lives; there are newsletters(机构定期寄发给成员的)通讯, such as the tightwad gazette, that give hundreds of thousands of americans useful tips on anything from recycling their cling-film(cling-film保鲜膜,film不仅有电影(noun),拍摄(verb)的意思,还有薄膜(noun),在……上覆上薄膜(verb)) to making their own soap; there are even support groups for those who want to achieve the mid-90s equivalent of dropping out
(?drop out脱离(本文取这个意思);退出;退学;).
????????while in america the trend started as a reaction to the economic decline —— after the mass redundancies冗余(redundancy 的名词复数) caused by downsizing in the late80s–and is still linked to the politics of thrift(节约,节俭), in britain, at least among the middle-class downshifters of my acquaintance, we have different reasons for seeking to simplify our lives.
????????for the women of my generation who were urged to keep juggling through the90s is not so much a search for the mythical good life —— growing your own organic vegetables, and risking turning into one ——?as a personal recognition认识,承认,接受 of your limitations.
37.which of the following is true according to paragraph 1?
[a] full-time employment is a new international trend.
[b] the writer was compelled by circumstances to leave her job.
[c] means stepping out of full-time employment.
[d] the writer was only too eager to spend more time with her family.
38. the writers experiment shows that downshifting
[a] enables her to realize her dream?
[b] helps her mold a new philosophy of life?
[c] prompts her to abandon her high social status
[d]leads her to accept the doctrine of she magazine
39.probably means living a life characterized by.
[a] non-materialis
tic lifestyle
[b] a bit of everything
[c] extreme stress
[d] anti-consumerism
39.“juggling ones life”有可能意味着过_______的生活。
40. according to the passage, downshifting emerged in the u.s. as a result of?
[a] the quick pace of modern life?
[b] mans adventurous spirit?
[c] mans search for mythical experiences?
[d] the economic situation
(1)it occurred to sb.that…/it occurred to sb.to do sth.某人想到某事,
如:it occurred to her that she might adopt homeless child.
didnt it occur to you to close the window.
如:antiwar反战的,anti-colonial反殖民主义的,materialism唯物主义,adventurism冒险主义(9)drop out退学,脱离,【美俚】(因对传统的道德观和价值观不再抱幻想而)退出习俗社会,逃避现实
类似的词有:book review书评,traffic light街灯
????????????在美国,摆脱忙碌,转而过一种简单、不太物质化的生活已成明确趋势。具有讽刺意味的是,“放慢生活节奏”——在美国也称“自愿简单化”——甚至孕育了一个崭新的、可称之为反消费主义的新领域。对于那些想过简单生活的人来说,有许多很畅销的 你轻松生活的自助书籍;有各种像《守财奴简报》这样的简讯,给美国人提供成千上万条有用的点子,从回收保鲜膜到自制肥皂;甚至还有一些 助团体, 助有些人按90年代中期逃避社会现实的人的生活方式去生活。


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